Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Eco Fashion

Today our class received a new assignment 'eco fashion'. We will be working in collaboration with Oxfam. They will be letting us loose at tons of old clothes that we will cut up and use to create as many new outfits as we like. Oxfam will choose a few of the best outfits to be displayed in their store on Bold street. The garments will be for sale and all the money will go straight to charity.
 The theme of this assignment will be the notion of 'storytelling', the use of creative textile techniques and the adaptations of sleeves.
 I wanted to steer clear of the obvious 'Alice and wonderland', which I've heard at least 6 classmates talking about. I've gone for one of my favourite books, Franz Kafka's 'The Metamorphosis'. It's a novel published in 1915 about a salesman that awoke one morning to find that he had transformed into a giant insect. I thought this story would be exciting to translate into garments. We are also about to start creating our dresses for the last assignment so for the next month or 2 I am going to be extremely busy. 

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