Wednesday, 12 October 2011

'Fashion Makers, Fashion Shapers'

Our I.T. assignment in college is all about looking at an iconic fashion photograph and taking inspiration from it to create a our own unique fashion photography.

I looked at this romantic yet eerie photo by Edward Steichen.

And here are a few favourite pictures from my photoshoot.

I found this adorable red fabric in a charity shop in the form of a big old granny skirt a couple of years ago. I loved the fabric so much and had to get it to add to the 4 over-flowing scrap material drawes we have in our house. I had a couple of free afternoons in summer and decided  to make my freind kelly a top. 
I made the pattern pieces by tracing around a stiff shift dress and adapting it to make the shape i wanted. Then using the neckline of my new top pattern, i created the pattern for the collar. The collar was made from an unwanted white shirt of my step-dads.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

So tempted to jump on that bandwagon and get an inch or two of pink dip dye in my hair.